About Us

Sam’s Chicken was founded by Sam Chandrasinghe in 1990, and first opened its doors in Wealdstone, Harrow. The brand has since expanded to over 50 outlets nationwide and has been a long-standing part of the UK high streets. With our own carefully crafted blend of spices, we have created our signature fried chicken, which we believe is the best in the game today! The combination of our breading and marinades with our unique cooking and preparation processes, is the key to our business success. We pride ourselves in our fresh, quality and affordable food.

We are “The Home of Great Tasting Chicken”!

Our Chicken

We at Sam’s Chicken are committed to providing our customers with quality chicken that complies with all UK and EU legislation. We are dedicated to providing our customer base with Halal chicken that has been slaughtered in compliance with recognized Halal slaughtering standards.

The chicken served in our stores is Halal (to the best of our knowledge, based on the representations of our suppliers) and is sourced solely from certified Halal suppliers. Each supplier provides Sam’s Fast Foods with the relevant Halal certification for each of the products they supply. All Sam’s Chicken stores are supplied exclusively by Sam’s Fast Foods, which holds copies of every certificate issued to it by its suppliers.

Sam’s Fast Foods is happy to produce copies of the relevant certificates on request, although an associated administration fee will be payable in respect of such requests.

Primary Authority

Brent Council

Mr. Shamsul Islam, Dr. Peng Yau

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